South Interlake ATV Club


  1. Count how many are in your group, establish a leader and a sweeper for the ride.
  2. Have a drivers meeting before you head out.  Discuss where you are going and the stopping points along the way.  Make sure everyone is running with their lights on.  Let all drivers know of any trail challenges ahead and make sure all drivers are capable of driving the chosen trail.
  3. Instruct every driver to stop at every turn and wait for the person behind them.  This keeps people from taking the wrong turn or getting lost.  Your responsibility is NOT to try and keep up to the person in front of you, but to keep the person behind you within sight.  Slow down to allow the riders behind you to keep up.  Remember our rides are not a race!
  4. Leader is responsible for counting people at each stop.  If someone is missing, the leader goes back for them.
  5. Instruct all drivers if they get lost or break down to stop and wait for the leader to find them.
  6. When approaching on-coming traffic, use your hands to signal to them how many people are in your group.  The last driver puts up a closed fist indicating he is the last in the group.
  7. When approaching people on horseback pull the group to the right hand side of the trail and shut the machines off. Wait until they have passed safely before starting your machines up.
  8. Always stop and help any people you find broken down on the trail.
  9. Carry first-aid kits and tools in your machines.  Basic survival kits are a good idea for extended rides.
  10. Be a responsible rider, drive with caution over hills, slow down and use caution when entering a blind corner or curve, wear a helmet at all times, and use seat belts if in a vehicle equipped with them.