South Interlake ATV Club

South Interlake ATV Club joined the geocaching world in 2010.

What is geocaching you ask? Well, its a world wide treasure hunt, utilizing your GPS device. The main idea is to locate hidden containers of all shapes and sizes called geocaches, trade items, and share your adventures online through log entries.

People of all ages take part in this fun outdoor activity and we thought, “Wow! What a great way to attract new people to our trail!”

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 SIATV currently owns and maintains 5 geocaches that are located on our trail & 5 trackable items that are out traveling the world :)

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In 2011 several geocaches were created and placed in order to make a geocaching “Power Trail” to attract many more people to the Interlake Pioneer Trail.

Given the amount of caches required for a “Power Trail”, one of our members enlisted the help of the children in her daycare. Garden Grove Child Care, GGCC, is a school age program in Winnipeg and the children became involved in Geocaching when Suzanne introduced them to the activity.  Because of the kids’ love of the activity, they put together 17 caches which were placed along the trail by Suzanne. These geocaches are linked back to the club’s account, but are not owned by us. 

There are currently over 30 geocaches located along or close to the trail for geocachers to find.  So put your GPS units to use and go out and search for one!